property management

Trinistar Corporation's property management team has earned its reputation for fast, reliable and quality service, enabling your business to continue operating without interruption of services. Our property management team also strives to maintain our properties at the highest of standards to ensure your environment is meticulously maintained at all times.

industrial space

Whether it's light industrial space or large warehouse and manufacturing facilities, Trinistar Corporation is able to suit any sized client, small, medium or large. Our professional leasing staff and construction team will be able to meet your requirements efficiently and completely.


Our Commercial/Retail areas promote even the smallest owner-operated businesses and larger established retail chains including banks, multi-franchise organizations and fast-food chains. With its professional management team, Trinistar Corporation offers the advantages of prime locations in growing communities and neighbourhoods that enable businesses to prosper.

office space

Trinistar Corporation's design team has been honored with Vaughan's Urban Design Award of Merit for providing solid professional presence, presentation and quality of construction for various locations throughout the City of Vaughan.

Trinistar Corporation